The area’s leading power quality experts offer a comprehensive look at power factor that affects commercial & industrial business utility charges. This seminar presents power factor related equipment and procedures to reduce these penalties. pqulogo


Power Factor Utility Penalties


Your utility company may charge an additional fee if your power factor is low. Low power factor also reduces your electrical system’s distribution capacity by increasing current flow and causing voltage drops.

Our free seminar describes power factor and explains how to improve your power factor, reduce penalties and even receive a credit from your utility provider. Join us for this short 60 minute LIVE presentation. 

Why Improve Your Power Factor?

Some of the benefits of improving your power factor are as follows:

Your utility bill will be smaller. Low power factor requires an increase in the electric utility’s generation and transmission capacity to handle the reactive power component caused by inductive loads. Utilities usually charge a penalty fee to customers with power factors less than 0.95. You can avoid this additional fee by increasing your power factor.

Your electrical system’s branch capacity will increase. Uncorrected power factor will cause power losses in your distribution system. You may experience voltage drops as power losses increase. Excessive voltage drops can cause overheating and premature failure of motors and other inductive equipment.


Upcoming Power Factor Events:

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Corporate Events

On-Site Location & Webinars


P3’s Power Quality University provides educational environments for today’s power quality and data center solutions and equipment, but did you know we offer on-demand, private educational events?

Whether its a Lunch & Learn or a full 3 hour seminar, P3 can bring real world industry related knowledge to your facility either in person or through online educational opportunities. The instructors of Power Quality University are highly qualified professionals and are all experts in their field. Attendees are taught a variety of subjects to ensure facilities run reliably and efficiently at optimal performance. PQU strives to provide valuable, current, and accurate industry related information that is relevant to facility design and management.

Topics Include:

General Power Quality
Electrical Safety for Facility Managers & Building Owners
Data Centers
Power Factor
Power Quality Monitoring
Surge Protection
UPS Systems (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Or request any other industry related topic that affects your facility!

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Other Industry Related Educational Opportunities

P3 strives to bring you quality relevant industry related opportunities to keep informed about the current and future direction of products, services, and standards.


Generator Docking Stations Webinar

Lunch & Learn Opportunities



The area’s leading power quality experts offer an introduction to generator docking stations, their application, problems & solutions in today’s electrical environments.

This webinar presents generator docking station related equipment, procedures, and required NEC compliance.

Join us during the lunch hour from Noon to 1 P.M. (Central Time Zone) for a short 60 minute LIVE presentation. 


Generator Docking Stations & NEC 2017: Article 700.3 (F) Compliance

The loss of electric power during recent catastrophic weather events rendered critical infrastructure and facilities inoperative without having the means to restore power at these sites quickly and safely. This led to the addition of Article 700.3 (F) to the 2017 NEC. Article 700.3 (F) requires the installation of a permanent means of connecting a temporary power source while the main emergency power source is taken offline for maintenance or testing.

The easiest and most affordable solution to this new requirement is a Generator Docking Station. Generator Docking Stations quickly and safely connect a portable energy source to any business or public building, protecting facilities from an expensive and potentially dangerous power outage. In addition, they can provide a connection for load banks utilized in system testing, and protect against theft and hazardous disconnects.

Topics Covered:

  • Review of NEC 2017 – Article 700.3 (F)
  • What is a Generator Docking Station and where/when are they used?
  • How a Generator Docking Station enables compliance with NEC Article 700.3 (F)
  • Applications for Generator Docking stations.
  • Selection criteria and the necessity for requiring UL1008 listed devices
  • Customization, accessories, & configurations
  • Specifying resources

Who Should Attend?
Electrical Engineering and Design Professionals, Mission Critical, Critical Power, Data Center Personnel, Chief Electrical Engineers, Designers, Project Managers, or anyone responsible for power quality in your facility or facility designs.

Upcoming Events:

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Building Confidence in Power

The U.S. response to the COVID-19 pandemic is requiring changes in the way we do business and redefining the new normal. Critical facilities and systems that were overlooked in the past are now at the forefront of our future. Server rooms and wiring closets can be the pivot point between what happens remotely and what is needed on-site. We specialize in keeping the power on and protecting these systems.

As we all struggle to navigate this new normal, we want to remind you that P3 - Power Protection Products, Inc. is here to help your company strengthen and reinforce your critical infrastructure and support systems.  P3 has a team of experts that are on the job and available via a variety of electronic methods to support the projects we are collaborating on together and assist with any critical equipment requirements and inquiries. If you need more run time, we can provide batteries. If you need more capacity, we can rapidly upgrade your system. If you need monitoring and remote control, we can help with that as well.

If you are looking for ways to remotely manage your critical facilities, we are here for you!  P3 provides remote monitoring services for ALL brands of Mission Critical equipment and it can be installed in most facilities without a site visit. We provide remote monitoring service for your critical equipment which increases resiliency and transparency through service personnel equipped with real‑time device data to quickly troubleshoot and dispatch.  We make it easy for your team to respond.
P3 has a network of partner Field Service Engineers located in your area to ensure that specific needs are rapidly met. Our supply parts and service organization remain fully operational to support all critical facilities and can be reached at P3 Care 877-393-1223

With almost 25 years serving the mission critical community, P3 stands ready to serve your needs. Do not hesitate to put us to work.

We look forward to partnering with you to prepare for the new normal and the related challenges ahead.

Leading the Industry in Power Quality Solutions

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