The area’s leading power quality experts offer a comprehensive look at power factor that affects commercial & industrial business utility charges. This seminar presents power factor related equipment and procedures to reduce these penalties. pqulogo


Power Factor Utility Penalties


Your utility company may charge an additional fee if your power factor is low. Low power factor also reduces your electrical system’s distribution capacity by increasing current flow and causing voltage drops.

Our free seminar describes power factor and explains how to improve your power factor, reduce penalties and even receive a credit from your utility provider. Join us for this short 60 minute LIVE presentation. 

Why Improve Your Power Factor?

Some of the benefits of improving your power factor are as follows:

Your utility bill will be smaller. Low power factor requires an increase in the electric utility’s generation and transmission capacity to handle the reactive power component caused by inductive loads. Utilities usually charge a penalty fee to customers with power factors less than 0.95. You can avoid this additional fee by increasing your power factor.

Your electrical system’s branch capacity will increase. Uncorrected power factor will cause power losses in your distribution system. You may experience voltage drops as power losses increase. Excessive voltage drops can cause overheating and premature failure of motors and other inductive equipment.


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