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The area’s leading power quality experts offer an introduction to generator docking stations, their application, problems & solutions in today’s electrical environments.

This webinar presents generator docking station related equipment, procedures, and required NEC compliance.

Join us during the lunch hour from Noon to 1 P.M. (Central Time Zone) for a short 60 minute LIVE presentation. 


Generator Docking Stations & NEC 2017: Article 700.3 (F) Compliance

The loss of electric power during recent catastrophic weather events rendered critical infrastructure and facilities inoperative without having the means to restore power at these sites quickly and safely. This led to the addition of Article 700.3 (F) to the 2017 NEC. Article 700.3 (F) requires the installation of a permanent means of connecting a temporary power source while the main emergency power source is taken offline for maintenance or testing.

The easiest and most affordable solution to this new requirement is a Generator Docking Station. Generator Docking Stations quickly and safely connect a portable energy source to any business or public building, protecting facilities from an expensive and potentially dangerous power outage. In addition, they can provide a connection for load banks utilized in system testing, and protect against theft and hazardous disconnects.

Topics Covered:

  • Review of NEC 2017 – Article 700.3 (F)
  • What is a Generator Docking Station and where/when are they used?
  • How a Generator Docking Station enables compliance with NEC Article 700.3 (F)
  • Applications for Generator Docking stations.
  • Selection criteria and the necessity for requiring UL1008 listed devices
  • Customization, accessories, & configurations
  • Specifying resources

Who Should Attend?
Electrical Engineering and Design Professionals, Mission Critical, Critical Power, Data Center Personnel, Chief Electrical Engineers, Designers, Project Managers, or anyone responsible for power quality in your facility or facility designs.

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