FLASH Webinar: Temporary Source of Power with NEC Compliance - 12/23/21

From 12/23/21 12:00 pm until 12/23/21 1:00 pm
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This webinar is a part of our new PQU Online FLASH Webinar Series, lasting only 45 minutes - one hour. (NOON - 1 PM)

Temporary Source of Power with NEC Compliance:

The loss of electric power during catastrophic weather events render critical infrastructure and facilities inoperative without having the means to restore power at these sites quickly and safely. New and improved NEC Articles related to this has produced a variety of options for safety, improvement and optimization for the installation of a permanent means of connecting a temporary power source while the main emergency power source is taken offline for maintenance or testing.

Article 700.3 (F) Compliance - Temporary Source of Power

Article 702.12 Compliance - Power Inlets

Article 240.87 Compliance - ARC ENERGY REDUCTION

Topics Covered:

  • Review of NEC 2017 and 2020 – Article 700.3 (F), Article 702.12, Article 700.12, Article 240.87

  • What is a Generator Docking Station and where/when are they used?

  • How to enable compliance with NEC.

  • Applications for Generator Docking stations.

  • Selection criteria and the necessity for requiring UL1008 listed devices

  • Customization, accessories, & configurations

  • Specifying resources



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