Power Protection Products, Inc. Announces Upcoming Departure of Dan Maxcy

"My goal with P3 was to help those whom I met with challenges, designs, and solutions to electrical and electronic situations," Maxcy said, "I hope to continue serving those from my past and those who I will meet in the future in my new role with the Parish."

PRESS RELEASE: July 15th, 2021 – Power Protection Products, Inc. (P3) is announcing that its VP of Engineered Systems Dan Maxcy will leave the company on July 23rd to pursue a passionate opportunity outside of the industry.

Dan began his tenure with P3 over 20 years ago and has served the Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri area working to protect power, upgrade electrical systems, and perform power quality studies. He has also been a primary instructor for Power Quality University and has been instrumental in making P3 a leader in customer education of power quality, data center solutions and equipment, and industrial power subject matters.

During his time with P3, Dan has helped the company set the industry standard for being experts in critical power, cooling, and energy solutions. Dan has been in the electrical and electronic industry for 45 years.

Maxcy is leaving P3 to pursue another passion in his life of helping those who have a physical, emotional, or spiritual need and concerns. He will be accomplishing this as a Pastoral Care Minister at Holy Trinity Parish in Des Moines, Iowa.

About Power Protection Products, Inc.
The mission of P3 is to come alongside businesses and help them achieve Confidence in Power. This is accomplished with their broad portfolio of products and services that cover a wide range of industries and applications. For more information on P3, go to www.p3-inc.com

P3 does business based on core values.
• Blaze the trail
• Do the right thing
• Create a positive influence
• Be humble and honest

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Hurricane-force winds caused more Omaha-area power outages than any storm in recent decades

No storm in recent decades caused more Omaha-area residences and businesses to lose power than the one Saturday that sent hurricane-force winds ripping through the metropolitan area.

And as of Sunday afternoon, fewer than 54,000 Omaha Public Power District customers remained without power — nearly 40 hours after the storm downed trees and power lines, and forced those who rely on electricity for medical care to seek shelter elsewhere.

The bulk of those outages were in Douglas County, according to the Omaha Public Power District's outage map. Several thousand customers in Sarpy County also did not yet have power restored.​

Based on available OPPD records, the 188,000 customers who lost power over the weekend were the most to do so because of a storm in decades, according to an OPPD spokeswoman — and perhaps the most ever.

The number of affected customers topped the toll of a June 27, 2008, storm that left 156,000 without electricity, according to Laura King-Homan, a communications specialist for OPPD.

The historic snowstorm that pummeled a Halloween-decorated Omaha in October 1997 left 150,000 in the dark.

More recently, a Father's Day tornado in 2017 left about 75,000 searching for candles and flashlights.

The work to restore power was far from over, OPPD said in an update, and the work that remained could be "more labor-intensive for crews who are dealing with large trees, tree limbs and debris." Crews have been working round-the-clock.

King-Homan said Sunday morning that she didn't have a definitive timeline for how much longer it may take to fully restore power.

Crews are assigned to projects based on bringing the most residences and businesses back online at once, she said. For example, fixing a transformer that would bring power back to 1,000 people would be prioritized over a power line that serves a smaller number of homes.

Saturday, OPPD crews also were focused on critical locations like hospitals and water treatment plants. On Sunday, workers began to address more difficult situations, where trees or debris had to be cleared away before restoration work could begin, King-Homan said.

"That's why the outage numbers are not falling as dramatically as they did (Saturday)," she said.

OPPD CEO Javier Fernandez on Saturday called the outage "one of the largest events" in the power district's history. It's thought that it could take days to fully restore power to the area.

More than 132,000 people in OPPD's 13-county service area had had their power restored by Sunday afternoon, down from Saturday's peak.

In Nebraska, workers from the Lincoln Electric System, Loup Power District and Norris Public Power District traveled to Omaha to help with restoration efforts. Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy sent workers, as did companies that OPPD contracts with, including Watts Electric in Waverly.

"We've had to turn away some mutual aid offers," King-Homan said. "It's been very overwhelming and touching how many people have offered to help."

OPPD cautioned that downed power lines could still be energized and dangerous, and said people should not approach or touch them. Residents should report downed lines at OPPD.com or by calling 800-554-6773.

Saturday's storm set another record. In terms of crews in the field, OPPD has deployed more workers than ever before to get power back online — a total of 539 crew members, King-Homan said.

"That's the most people we've ever had working on a storm," she said. "That shows you the severity."​

Thousands are still without power across state after overnight storms.

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See the original full article at: https://norfolkdailynews.com/state/nebraska/hurricane-force-winds-caused-more-omaha-area-power-outages-than-any-storm-in-recent-decades/article_fa6484fb-096b-5f88-9196-fb404995bec6.html#1

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Article 240.87 Arc Energy Reduction & the Implication to Docking Stations

As new states adopt the 2020 NEC, it is important to stay current on how these changes may affect your next project. Here we provide a brief overview of new developments in Article 240.87 and some of the potential implications when designing your docking station requirements.

Notable Revisions in 240.87(B):
240.87(B) Method to Reduce Clearing Time – One of the following shall be provided and shall be set to operate at less than the available arcing current.
1. Zone-selective interlocking
2. Differential relaying
3. Energy-reducing maintenance switching with local status indicator
4. Energy-reducing arc flash mitigation system
5. An Instantaneous trip setting. Temporary adjustment of the instantaneous trip setting to achieve arc energy reduction shall not be permitted.
6. An instantaneous override
7. An approved equivalent means

Designers and installers can choose one of the seven methods above (found in NEC 240.87(B)) as an acceptable means to reduce clearing time.

One clarification provided in 2020 does not permit the use of a temporary adjustment to the instantaneous trip setting. Meaning a field update to the breaker's instantaneous trip dial is not acceptable. This is a key change for projects that previously relied on this practice, going forward the use of another method to reduce clearing time must be considered. 

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See the original full article at: https://www.trystar.com/article-240-87/

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Introducing APC NetShelter 9000 Series Switched Rack PDU | Schneider Electric

Designed to be the World's Most Reliable PDU ever made from APC.

From the world's most trusted brand in PDUs…
Comes a more reliable, intelligent, and faster to deploy PDU. Designed for data centers and remote edge computing environments that are experiencing rising power densities that demand always "ON" IT infrastructure. IT devices in these environments need certainty and APC NetShelter 9000 Series Switched PDUs provide that with features making them faster to deploy, enhance their reliability, and make them more manageable onsite or remotely anywhere in the world with EcoStruxure IT.

 P3 strives to bring you quality relevant industry related news.

See the original full article at: https://www.apc.com/us/en/campaign/pdu-9000-switched.jsp?cta&mkt_tok=MTc4LUdZRC02NjgAAAF9uSPtrwBjU42kQPkF24Q--1NFVq_MR1mkqTV3F74QR6RqN-XkbuQEQRCwFhmLmlz8QTcsaxi_7tPll-xLFkuFCmk7UdvedibF7CF-N4OL4YWS3c8BsGo

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Buildings as a Grid: Helping building owners manage power more effectively

The energy transition creates an enormous opportunity for building owners to manage electrical power far more effectively. Eaton is accelerating this shift by making it easier to integrate renewables, energy storage, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure with our Buildings as a Grid approach. 
What is Buildings as a Grid? It's Eaton's approach to creating flexible energy systems designed to power the low-carbon future— accelerating decarbonization, boosting resilience, reducing energy costs, and creating Buildings as a Grid: Helping building owners manage power more effectively new revenue streams. When buildings operate as electric grids, it's easier for them to obtain necessary power and make their electrical infrastructure work better. This means office, campus, retail, condominium, airport, hospitals, and arena power systems can be put to work in new ways to achieve energy goals and boost the bottom line while supporting their local utility grid. 
Buildings require a lot of power, and in the future, they will require even more power. This presents great opportunity for Eaton, as we can help business owners not only navigate this new space, but ensure their systems are as resilient, reliable, and efficient as possible. To promote Eaton's Buildings as a Grid capabilities in North America, distributors can focus on solutions and services that are currently available or are anticipated to launch in 2021. These include:
  • Microgrid and Distributed Energy Resource (DER) integration solutions
  • Energy Management Circuit Breakers (EMCB and EVEMCB)
  • EnergyAware UPS and Energy Storage solutions
  • Power distribution equipment and services for solar, wind, and energy storage applications with utility scale, commercial, industrial, and residential customers
This portfolio will continue to evolve based on customer and market needs, and additional solutions and services will become available. 

 P3 strives to bring you quality relevant industry related news.

See the original full article at: http://images.electricalsector.eaton.com/Web/EatonElectrical/%7B0bd8d3b8-d45e-4584-8712-2373eca72e90%7D_May-June_2021_Distributor_Newsline.pdf

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