"My goal with P3 was to help those whom I met with challenges, designs, and solutions to electrical and electronic situations," Maxcy said, "I hope to continue serving those from my past and those who I will meet in the future in my new role with the Parish."

PRESS RELEASE: July 15th, 2021 – Power Protection Products, Inc. (P3) is announcing that its VP of Engineered Systems Dan Maxcy will leave the company on July 23rd to pursue a passionate opportunity outside of the industry.

Dan began his tenure with P3 over 20 years ago and has served the Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri area working to protect power, upgrade electrical systems, and perform power quality studies. He has also been a primary instructor for Power Quality University and has been instrumental in making P3 a leader in customer education of power quality, data center solutions and equipment, and industrial power subject matters.

During his time with P3, Dan has helped the company set the industry standard for being experts in critical power, cooling, and energy solutions. Dan has been in the electrical and electronic industry for 45 years.

Maxcy is leaving P3 to pursue another passion in his life of helping those who have a physical, emotional, or spiritual need and concerns. He will be accomplishing this as a Pastoral Care Minister at Holy Trinity Parish in Des Moines, Iowa.

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