The energy transition creates an enormous opportunity for building owners to manage electrical power far more effectively. Eaton is accelerating this shift by making it easier to integrate renewables, energy storage, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure with our Buildings as a Grid approach. 
What is Buildings as a Grid? It's Eaton's approach to creating flexible energy systems designed to power the low-carbon future— accelerating decarbonization, boosting resilience, reducing energy costs, and creating Buildings as a Grid: Helping building owners manage power more effectively new revenue streams. When buildings operate as electric grids, it's easier for them to obtain necessary power and make their electrical infrastructure work better. This means office, campus, retail, condominium, airport, hospitals, and arena power systems can be put to work in new ways to achieve energy goals and boost the bottom line while supporting their local utility grid. 
Buildings require a lot of power, and in the future, they will require even more power. This presents great opportunity for Eaton, as we can help business owners not only navigate this new space, but ensure their systems are as resilient, reliable, and efficient as possible. To promote Eaton's Buildings as a Grid capabilities in North America, distributors can focus on solutions and services that are currently available or are anticipated to launch in 2021. These include:
  • Microgrid and Distributed Energy Resource (DER) integration solutions
  • Energy Management Circuit Breakers (EMCB and EVEMCB)
  • EnergyAware UPS and Energy Storage solutions
  • Power distribution equipment and services for solar, wind, and energy storage applications with utility scale, commercial, industrial, and residential customers
This portfolio will continue to evolve based on customer and market needs, and additional solutions and services will become available. 

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