Service Plans

Our service plans are customized and flexible. Hassle free system maintenance improves uptime at predictable cost. P3’s full-service packages include technical support, preventive maintenance, quick on-site response and remote monitoring.

Power Quality Analysis and Monitoring

P3 understands the special needs of a critical facility and can provide monitor installations 24 x 7 to meet your “shut down” requirements. We use state of the art monitoring equipment that is up to date on calibrations and installed correctly on your system when and where you want it. We also pay close attention to the correct electrical safety precautions.

P3’s comprehensive Power Quality Analysis includes:

  • Metering your system and downloading data
  • Analyzing performance
  • Providing power quality reports
  • Writing prescriptions and recommendations
  • Troubleshooting and solving issues
  • Project Management

P3’s trusted advisors assist with the management and efficient rollout of large-scale projects, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives. We take responsibility for successful completion of the project based on a comprehensive project plan. P3 project managers guide all stages of the project, including the scope, schedule, risk analysis, communication plan and change order process. P3 project management services help you avoid costly overruns while saving time and money.

Maintenance and Battery Replacements


P3’s comprehensive services portfolio ensures that your mission-critical applications receive the proper care and maintenance needed to operate at optimal levels - at all times. These services prevent unnecessary downtime and optimize data center operations.

Data Center Assessments

Our data center assessments evaluate your current infrastructure, identifying both quick fixes and long-term solutions for increased efficiency and availability. As you expand, consolidate or build your data center, P3’s project management, installation, and integration services ensure quick and efficient implementation of your solution. P3 maintenance services are designed to keep your equipment running efficiently to protect your investment and control energy costs.

Energy Management Services

EnergySTEP Assessments provide a tiered approach to energy management in your data center. Data is collected and then analyzed and compared with similar facilities and industry averages. A customized report identifies quick and easy ways to reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency, maintain or increase availability, and optimizes power and cooling systems in your data center.

Other Services

  • Assembly and start-up service by certified FSEs ensure the safe and efficient implementation of your solution.
  • EMS (Energy Management Services) identifies opportunities to improve energy efficiency and lower operating cost.
  • Custom security and environmental monitoring outfits your data center, telecommunications rooms, and essential IT spaces with monitoring equipment that proactively mitigates risks to your uptime.
  • Remote monitoring provides secure, 24-hour monitoring that keeps your system running at optimal performance.
  • Testing allows you to witness your product in a testing environment before wiring it to your critical load.
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